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Orion helps with the sale of milk, popular patees, crisps or traditional beer

 22. 12. 2008

The final days of the calendar year meant increased activity for the eBusiness division of CCV, which has added eminent companies such as Intersnack, Lactalis, Lybar or Brewery Trade etc. to the portfolio of its customers.

One of the most important projects of implementation of EDI communication is definately a solution created for the INTERSNACK company, which is the leading producer of crisps, pastry, nuts and popcorn under four separete brands of Bohemia, Chio, Wolf a Pom-Bär on the Czech market. Having successfully completed EDI implementation five months ago, we have been asked to expand the extend of EDI communication. 

Another of the interesting projects was the solution created for the group of breweries called BREWERY TRADE, which has acquired partnerships and majority in some of the historically traditional breweries Platan, Svijany, Lobkowicz, Ježek, Klášter, Rychtář or Janáček. It is a solution comparable by its scale to the solution created for a long-established ORION customer brewery Bernard.

Amongst other important foodstuffs producers one should definitely mention a French dairy producer LACTALIS, a company, which has recently acquaired Kunín Dairy company, which had been using EDI ORION solution for its purposes in the past. Last but not least, LYBAR, the biggest producer of aerosol products on the local market, has also decided to switch its current EDI provider for ORION in the past few weeks.

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